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Dr DELE ADEWUNMI,MBBS;MsC; FMCpsych is a retired consultant psychiatrist and a clinical Director at a Mental Health NHS trust in the North West of England.

He is a qualified General adult Psychiatrist with experience working in the psychiatry of intellectual and learning disability and forensic psychiatry.

From the perspective of his pastoral role in the ministry, Dr Adewunmi has written on mental health awareness for the church community, comprising of ministers, church workers, congregants and church-based charitable organisations.

He has an active interest in the mental health of higher education, and he is the patron of a Christian Campus Fellowship in Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom.

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Mental health is an important issue that is often misunderstood or attended to from an angle of limitation in the church. This book is timely and I highly recommend it to any and everyone, especially in the body of christ. The information contained in this book is rich and is …


It’s great that we finally have a book addressing the taboo of Mental Health within the Church. Mental Health is something that is not explained or discussed enough in the modern-day Church. Every Church should have a copy of this book and give a copy to all its Church leaders …

Niran Seriki

Thanks for such a book that addresses areas many shy away from, especially those who are in Christian ministry. I recommend this to every church worker, minister and pastors who are leading churches and responsible for the spiritual welfare of many.

What our Readers are saying

This is a comprehensive and exhaustive resource for the Minister of the gospel and all Christian workers, who by virtue of their divine assignments are often the first contact persons with and frontline help/care providers to individuals having mental health difficulties; and by extension all believers that are interested in the all-encompassing life issues of the mind, which the Scriptures say we should guard with all diligence.

It should also be particularly recommended as a resource material for ministers undergoing hospital chaplaincy training and would be a useful handbook for all mental health professionals who are interested in exploring spirituality dimensions in their practice. Social workers in particular would find the book a useful guide in their work.

This is no doubt a product of in-depth knowledge and skills derived from your extended practice as a mental health professional and your vast spiritual insight as a minister of the gospel.


Thank you so much for allowing God to use you in putting this book together. It is perhaps the most comprehensive book on Mental Health from the Church’s pastoral ministry perspective that I have so far read. It covers the key areas that often pose challenges for Church ministers, Church members, Mental Health professionals, etc. in providing appropriate support for people with mental health problems in our Churches, as well as other faith communities.

The writing style is quite easy and interesting to follow.

I simply want to commend the hard work put into this book and pray that it will be a blessing to everyone who reads it.


What you will learn with this Book

The book relates to the different age categories of people in a church community.
It provides a readable, quick and easy-to-grasp snapshot of mental health issues from childhood to old age for ministers and church workers. With chapters on mental health from childhood to the end of life and the mental health of the bereaved.
It is a synopsis of mental health from cradle to the grave and a helpful resource for the church.

Book Sample

A brief reveal of the book

Chapter 1

When I was asked to write the foreword for this book- Mental health and the Church Community, I felt a huge sense of honour.

Over the years, I have seen my father’s passion for mental health and the church, and the fact that he has accomplished fusing these two passions is quite an achievement and a testimonial to his quest to always want to impact others positively.

My father’s passion for mental health has inspired many including myself, and it was the motivation for me to undertake a master’s degree in healthcare ethics and law, with a focus on mental health law.

His desire to positively impact the church by raising awareness of mental health issues did not only start through this book but has been part of his pastoral ministry and professional journey over several years.

This book reflects my father’s personal experience as he blends his professional role as a consultant psychiatrist with his pastoral responsibilities. For a long time, he has always acknowledged the relevance of mental health in pastoral ministry and the wider church community. This mindset resonates throughout this entire book. This

book is a memoir for ministers, church members and charitable organisations that have a heart for raising awareness of mental health issues in the church community.

This book covers mental health needs across a broad demography of people within the church, from childhood to old age, and from seekers to regular church members, and I know it will relate to the shared and common experiences of many. The chapter on diversity, race and mental health resonates with me particularly as it is something I have previously researched in my dissertation. This book will be a useful and helpful resource for ministers and church members in their understanding of mental health issues in the church. It will enable them to know how, when and where to signpost people to seek specialist mental health services when this is necessary.

I believe that this book will positively influence how the church community perceives mental health issues and underscores the caring role of the church.

As Christians, we are meant to reflect the ministry of Jesus Christ who ministered to the “whole person” including their mental health. I therefore wholeheartedly commend this book to every

minister and Church worker who delights in impacting the “whole person”.

Dr Sarah Kemi Adewunmi

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